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Privacy Please

The Magic Highlighter version 0.5.2 is now available, with support for three new search engines, plus 23 new international Google TLDs (e.g.,,, and more)! Available now in the App Store.

The Magic Highlighter has been designed from the ground-up for privacy. 100% of The Magic Highlighter’s features are provided on-device, which preserves user privacy and improves overall performance. So we were happy to see the most requested features following last week’s launch of The Magic Highlighter were about support for privacy-oriented search engines (alternatives to Google and Bing). Although we had considered this in our initial launch with support for DuckDuckGo, we were excited to learn that there are new offerings in this space! Fast forward one week later and we’re happy to report that The Magic Highlighter now supports three NEW search engines: Neeva, Brave Search, and Kagi. 🎉

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Release Notes

Version 0.5.2

The first update to The Magic Highlighter is now available in the App Store, including these improvements:



  • Added support for 23 international Google TLDs (e.g.,,, etc)!


  • Fixed some issues where The Magic Highlighter would interfere with certain “dark mode” Safari Extensions

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