Getting Started

Follow this simple guide to get started with The Magic Highlighter.

Getting started is as easy as 1–2–3

Follow these three easy steps to setup The Magic Highlighter:

  1. Enable The Magic Highlighter Safari extension
  • Open Settings ➔ Safari ➔ ExtensionsSafari ➔ Preferences ➔ Extensions
  • TapClick “The Magic Highlighter” and enable the extension
  • In the permissions section, changeClick “edit websites” and change “”, “”, “”, and “Other Websites”“For other websites” from “Ask” to “Allow”.
    NOTE: if you only use one search engine (e.g. DuckDuckGo), there’s no need to enable all three.
  • Refresh this page (pull to refresh on iPhone or iPad, or type ⌘-R on Mac)

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  1. Enable magic highlights on this page
  • Click here enable magic highlights
  • You should see highlighted text on this page

Status: …waitingCOMPLETE!

  1. Open The Magic Highlighter popup and try changing the highlight color
  • Use the ⌘-Shift-F keyboard shortcut, or click on The Magic Highlighter icon to open the popup. Tap the aA button in the Safari address bar, then select The Magic Highlighter to open the popup.
  • Use left and right arrow keys and spacebar, or click on a color tile to select a highlight color. Tap on a color tile to select a highlight color.

Status: …waitingCOMPLETE!

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